It feels like yesterday when we welcomed 2016 with arms wide open and in no time we are bidding our last goodbyes. A full circle of 365 days has passed and it makes me think how everyone feels about their year. Have we achieved our goals? Have we kept our promises from the New Year Resolution last year? Are we going to walk out of this year satisfied or are we going to walk out with a hope to fulfill our wishes coming year. Since this question pops in my mind a lot, I asked our team of Sattya to know what they think about their past year.


Check out what each of them had to say about their 365.

Suraj – I faced many challenges in 2016 and overcame some of them, while some of them I postponed for 2017. I also travelled a lot and met many people. My best moment of 2016 was my Nordic Travel. I am excitingly gearing up for 2017.

Sahil– I quit my family business to follow my passion of photography this year. I travelled a lot through work as well as went to many treks which made it a great year for me.

Parinati– 2016 is the best year of my life so far, and it was in fact just one second of courage that changed me as a person and continued making this year an awesome one. Traveling, trekking, moving back to Nepal, and meeting awesome people has helped me grow as a human being.

Nom – It was ups and downs like a rollercoaster.

Ramesh– It was an amazing year for me since I got a kick start to my career at Sattya.

Bobby – 2016 was a good year for me and I got to travel from work, but I would like to see more places in 2017.

Sazeena– I had a great year, but the highlight of 2016 was me tearing my ligament.

Saral– My goal for this year was to run a marathon. I completed a half marathon which makes me happy. All in all, this year was a great year for me, and I am a happy walker out of 2016.

Bernardine – My New Year’s Resolution was to make 2016 a boring year since 2015 was a super exciting one for me. I wanted an easier job and spend more time sleeping, hanging out with friends, drinking lots of wine, going to the beach, and playing with my nieces and nephews. I won’t complain, but despite my best efforts to make this year a boring one, it was still awesome.

Gigi– Figuring Out

Rupak– This year was a great year for me career wise. I got to travel a lot through work, participated in many programs, learned new things such as photography, videography, sound editing, photo editing. It was my New Year Resolution to learn new things and so I did.

Emil – 2016 is all yellow for me. (…..)