Screen IN : Vivian Maier

Aug 28, 2017 | Blog

Wednesdays at Sattya calls for Movie screening time! Every week, a distinct crowd is drawn and the most common thing they share is their interest on a certain topic. Last week, a crowd of street photography enthusiasts were drawn. The name of the movie shown was Finding Vivian Maier, which is a part of our arts documentary series.

The crowd scattered across the room.  Some rested on a chair, some found a sofa, some on mattresses and some lay on the floor. As soon as the crowd adjusted in their suitable places, the film started rolling. The documentary started off with one word descriptions of Vivian Maier as told by many of the people who knew her or had met her. By the intro itself, it was coherent that she was a mysterious and an eccentric woman. The crowd was puzzled but at the same time curious about this mystery lady who pursued an explicit career of a nanny but also an implicit career of a street photographer. Over the course of five decades, she ultimately left over 100,000 negatives, most of them shot in Chicago and New York City which were later discovered in an auction.

After an hour and a half, the documentary ended leaving the audience open to perform interpretations. People expressed their opinions, shared their ideas and discussed confusions that they had picked during the movie. Some were inspired to learn more and some were motivated to turn on their camera, next thing in the morning to go out and take some amazing photographs. New people were met and connections broadened, many of whom promised to be there for the next screening. And just like that, the fourth movie screening of the year at Sattya was a success.

The core purpose of Sattya lies in promoting a feeling of community and the objective of the project “Screenin” is to do exactly the same. By showing not just any movie but movies that sparks ideas and generates interests in people, Sattya is trying to create a community of likeminded individuals.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, join us at our next screening happening this Wednesday (29th August). It’s an open house event and anyone who is willing to participate is always welcome. You will be up for a thrilling and informative experience!