Monochrome Mandalas for Mindfulness Workshop

Sep 23, 2016 | Blog

Mandala is the primeval symbol for wholeness and harmony. In an attempt to bring out the creativity and fun collectively, Sattya incorporated a Mandala Workshop with an Australian instructor, Kelly Sullivan on September 15, 2016. There was a good amount of participants who showed up to learn the monochromatic Mandala. It was a great opportunity for anyone who loves to explore their inner artist, merely by creatively putting their thoughts and ideas in forms of geometric shapes and graphs. The confidence and support Kelly stimulated through her positive comments, meditative methods, and professional guidance was enough to create an amazing atmosphere. Kelly said at the beginning of the session, “Anyone can make Mandala”. She tried to bring out a peaceful ambience by adding some relaxing music while the participants worked on their paintings. In addition to that, she managed to add a quick meditation in between the session to find the reflection of each inner individuality. There were different kind of participants; some who had been involved artistically for a long time, and some were novice at this field. All the participants had a beautiful learning time via soulful mandala painting.

This whole learning experience was a brilliant persuasion put into action by Sattya to enhance the creative aspect of minds. They arranged for an amazing instructor to help the eager and curious artists. However, this workshop did not just help the gifted expertise, but somehow opened a door for those who had no idea about this field.. Kelly shared her stories on how she utilizes her time creating Mandala paintings rather than doing the regular household chores. It is absolutely true that Mandala paintings can be very therapeutic. All in all, this workshop was a meaningful learning process and a wholesome experience.