Mandala aka a therapy

Sep 13, 2017 | Blog

The most gruesome day of the week, Monday. To many, the day is the start to 5 long tiring days. Hectic, we know. However, we decided to break the stereotype and get ready for the week in a more Sattya way by doing something new and fun, drawing Mandalas! What better way to stimulate the brain?

So, what is a Mandala? Mandala in its simplest meaning means “circle”, but in its form, it is far more than just a simple shape. Circle, as basic as a geometric shape appears in almost all facets of life. The sun, the earth, the moon and even something as fiddly as the universe can symbolically be represented by a mandala.

Mandalas can be painted or drawn on paper, stone, cloth, wood or even on a wall. There is no questioning in its ability to be a versatile form of art, but not only does it serve the purpose of soothing the eyes, it also proves to be a therapy to many. And so, it proved to be on an early Monday morning.

Our in-house designer came up with the idea of hosting a mandala workshop for the team. Provided with samples of distinctive patterns, each looking as tempting as the next one, the eyes were bewildered. At the same time, everyone was excited to incorporate all the patterns inside the restricted borders of the white sheets and curved edges of flat stones, picked right from outside the office.

We were told to know when to stop, or in other words, not to create an “artistic” chaos. But once a circle was drawn and a pattern layered on top, the number of circles kept on adding up, so did the patterns and it kept on going. The “know when to stop” was only really known when there was no longer enough space to incorporate more circles and just like that, without realization, two hours passed by.

Really, the session was a therapy indeed. During the few hours of creating the patterns, the mind was focused on solely that, eliminating any other thoughts that may have occurred otherwise. It allows you to be impartial and attach yourself to something much larger than your existence.

Mandalas range from the very simplistic to the very complex, but it can be whatever you want it to be. Looking at the finest of drawings on the internet might seem a little intimidating at first but you don’t have to be an artist to create it. Many of us were first timers and our outcomes turned out to be pretty satisfactory.

So, if you are seeking to calm your mind, reduce stress, increase concentration or simply trying to make your Mondays better then creating mandalas is one thing that will really help. Try making at least one with your own touch to it and you will instantly know of the ease that comes with it. All you need is a pen and a paper, maybe a stone, if you are feeling a little extra creative and with a little bit of inspiration, you’re good to go!