If you have a skill and you love to share your knowledge with others, consider teaching a class at Sattya. We provide venue, guidance, equipment and promotion. Teachers plan and organize the workshop. Together, we split all profits from the work.

This list is a general idea of what we are looking for. We are open to suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here are some of the areas in which we are currently seeking teachers:

  • Video: shooting, editing, post-production, video for web, video advocacy, documentary, software
  • Photo: shooting, editing, workflow, photojournalism, visual storytelling, photography for social change, multimedia
  • Audio: radio documentary, basic recording techniques, sound design, interviewing, editing
  • Journalism: investigative, editorial, feature, interviewing techniques, research, pitching stories
  • Design: Adobe software, layout, typography, visual imagery, web design
  • Creative: street art, zine making, screen printing, Tshirt design, drama, creative writing

Send us your CV, course plan and any details to collective@sattya.org.

Sattya is the place to be as a creative. It’s not only a collective of artists, it’s a platform for artist from various disciplines to express themselves and share their work with lovely people, who are eager to learn new things. At date I gave four workshops at Sattya and each one of them was special: a chilled vibe combined with teaching and learning, and of course having laughters with the great staff of Sattya, who I became friends with.

Linda Kühne

Freelance Media Designer