Documentary Film Workshop Instructor

Documentary Film Workshop Instructor

Sattya Media Arts Collective, based in Kathmandu, is seeking a qualified documentary instructor to teach a 3-month long workshop for a small group of emerging Nepali filmmakers that will result in the students producing short, compelling documentaries. The project is a collaboration between Sattya and Steps International, and the films that result from the workshop will be part of Steps International’s Why Poverty? series, as well as be shown throughout Kathmandu as part of Sattya’s Bato Ko Cinema program.


[half]About Sattya: Sattya Media Arts Collective is a resource center for artists, filmmakers, photographers, activists, and other creative types in Nepal. It provides a space and an open community for people who want to pursue their interests. It uses media and art to bring about awareness and new perspectives in society. More info… [/half]

[half_last]About Steps International: Steps International, the organization behind well known projects such as Why Democracy? and Why Poverty? provides a new approach allowing millions of people throughout the world to gain access to the best of contemporary documentary films and journalism. More info… [/half_last]

[line] Workshop Objectives: [list_circle]

  • To support emerging Nepali filmmakers to produce 3 short documentaries that provide deeper insight on poverty related issues in Nepal
  • To empower local filmmakers to make bold films on important subjects
  • To teach local filmmakers technical, budget, planning skills they need to take their craft to the next level
  • To add quality films to the pool of Nepali documentaries
  • To screen the films produced in the workshop to large numbers of Nepali citizens and inspire them to think about the issues in the films, as well as larger issues pertaining to poverty in the region


[/list_circle] Instructor Responsibilities: [list_plus]

  • Plan workshop and create workshop materials
  • Teach an intensive 2 week intro and planning session followed by oversight and mentoring of students throught their filmmaking process
  • Evaluate students’ ideas, shooting plans, and budgets
  • Coordinate with an instructor from SI via Skype, email, and eventually in person
  • Provide Sattya weekly updates about workshop progress
  • Oversee the production and completion of student films


[/list_plus] Instructor Qualifications: [list_tick]

  • Filmmaking background
  • Experience in teaching filmmaking
  • Ability to work with beginner to advanced students
  • Ability to commit to being in Nepal mid Dec-early April
  • Ability to work in sometimes adverse circumstances (lack of electricity, unpredictable city-wide strikes, imperfect equipment, etc.)
  • Ability to design course curriculum
  • Ability to manage students and give them honest, constructive feedback
  • Knowledge of editing software (Final Cut/Premire)
  • Patience, flexibility, and great communication skills


[/list_tick] Dates: January-March 2014 (Arrival to Nepal in early/mid December and departure in April)

 Application deadline: October 30

 Decision by: Nov 10 or earlier[list_circle]


  • Salary and travel stipend is provided
  • You will work with a Nepali assistant/intern who will help you with materials prep, advise you on local information, and generally assist with the workshop
  • We strongly encourage instructors from developing countries to apply[/list_circle]


To apply, fill out this application and send it to along with your CV.


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