Bato Ko Cinema in Bhaktapur

Oct 26, 2016 | Blog

Bato Ko Cinema is an innovative project that is initiated by Sattya. In collaboration with Movies that Matter, we are in pursuit to aware the Nepalese society about Women’s Right. Nepal has a deeply rooted patriarchal society where women go through domestic violence, dowry-related murders, and physical abuse. The objective of Bato Ko Cinema is to use public spaces for documentary screenings to bring attention to crucial issues and deliver different perspective to the audience. This project was put into action since July in association with other partners, but officially started since September 26th.

We had our first official screening on September 26th at Pottery Square, Bhaktapur. The second day of screening was on September 27th at Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur. Both days turned out to be an outstanding success. The crowd showed a lot of support, participated in discussions, and gave constructive suggestions. The locals of the place were delighted that such an event was being organized in their community for the first time. They were genuinely encouraged by the topic of Women’s Right and inspired by the stories that were projected. There was a positive effect amidst the gathering. One of the audiences, Mina Khichaju said , “I wish I could have sent my daughter to school like I sent my son”. Ms Khichaju was not able to provide primary education to her daughter due to some financial struggle. She thought it was convenient to spend her money on her son rather than her daughter. This kind of impartiality is very common in Nepal. However, our society is evolving from the bigotry. A young girl, Ruchita Sainju mentioned that she does not feel disfavored by her family. She was given the same opportunities and freedom like her brother. A lot of our audiences along with Ms Khichaju said that they understand that gender discrimination should not be continued anymore. We were suggested to show these informative documentaries in the rural part of the country where gender partiality is extremely followed. It was an immeasurable experience for the audience and a gratifying accomplishment for us as well.

Apart from the screening, we also painted a mural at the Pottery Square. The purpose of the painting was to provide a visual reminder to the locals about the persevering fight for gender equality. The residents of the area appreciated the concept and loved the art created by our artists. With such generous feedback and support from the public, we definitely feet like we served our purpose of Bato Ko Cinema.