The sun was already up when I opened my eyes. As usual I got up, had my breakfast, and walked around my garden. I did not have any chores to do, so instead of sitting idly at home I wanted to roam around Kathmandu town and see if there was anything fun to do. I have always been interested in meeting new people and hanging out in places that I have never been to. So there I was, strolling around the town in search of any exciting events going on.

I was walking around checking out every crowd to see if there was any festival or event that I could be a part of. And when I was in Patan Durbar Square, all of a sudden my eyes were captivated by a crowd of hundreds of people. I had a clear intuition about it; something told me I should walk towards this crowd, and so I did. It blew my mind that day finding out how much people cared for me.

I saw hundreds of people come together to help raise awareness about how endangered I am. I felt special because the crowd was lending their hands in an attempt to create my picture on a canvas using their handprints. It was spectacular to see the end result of a two hour work from four dedicated artists from Sattya and an engaging bunch of people who created an effective art piece of me, a Snow Leopard.

Until now I comprehended humanity as heartless because they were destroying my shelter and letting me die, little did I know that they had dedicated a day for me and celebrated it globally every year. I saw people from WWF collaborating with Sattya in hosting this event, “Lend a Hand for the Snow Leopard”. Can you imagine what it feels like to be the center of a participatory art event where numerous people come together unitedly for a significant purpose. I felt very important when I heard people discuss about their roles in saving my life.

I was glad to see the notion of having people actively partake in the event came from WWF, while Thugachhea came up with the concept of having four artists work on the four coordinates of the canvas. Thugacheea, along with other artists Mrigajab, Nozomi_Rana, and Sachet_soul worked on my picture with full dedication. You should check out a time lapse video by Suraj Shakya at You will be able to see the level of enthusiasm among the people while my art was being actualized.

Apart from my painting, there was also live music from Kutumba, one of my favorite bands. Everybody was dancing and cheering to their music. Looking at all of this, I realized that the world is actually concerned about me. Although nobody could see me at the event, I knew that I am not invisible to them anymore, and there is still hope left for me.

I walked back home with satisfaction knowing that I wont be let down. This day definitely put a smile on my face and peace in my mind.